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The Webhosting Service Provider performed a server system upgrade and reset on 3/20/2014 that destroyed our website. A backup restore is not possible due to a mandatory change of platform. For reasons beyond our control, we are forced to recode everything... requiring many hours! Restructure began 3/21/2014 and I will proceed as quickly as possible. During reconstruction, there will be periods that may seem as though there is no progress when actually much work is being done preparing the next step. I have prepared this page to keep you informed on current status. You may check the "Last modified" date at footer of page to see when last site update was applied.

Your help will be appreciated: If you have any trouble viewing any page on your browser or it does not look good, please send me an email at describing problem including which browser & version you are using (Internet Explorer, firefox, Safari, etc.) and which page does not appear properly. One problem can affect many pages so the earlier you report a problem, less work will be required resulting in a more timely completion.

Many Thanks for your patience and support - Lynne Anderson S'60 - Webmaster

04/05/22 Added Alice Dickenson Combs to Recognitions page as another classmate author of "The Lady with Balls"
01/08/22 Added Peter F. MacDoran to Recognitions page as an accomplished author of books + other accomplishments
12/19/21 Updated Home Page with 2023 Reunion Data. Updated entire site. Looks like I have not been adding status updates on this page for a couple of years even though there have been many... Sorry!
11/06/19 Added Susan Carnell to Recognitions page as an accomplished author of books + other accomplishments
08/04/19 Updated Home Page with 2020 Reunion Data. Updated Memoriams and Veterans pages.
06/11/19 Added Martin Grossman to Recognitions page as an accomplished author of books.
04/13/18 Added YouTube Links commemorating Hal Bedsole.
2018-2019 Continuous work throughout the site.
01/23/18 Updated several pages. Added "GoFundMe" to "Give Forward" page with "Details" re status of Jack Ross.
11/20/17 Modified the "Update My Info" page to include "Veteran" info. Can also let us know of another classmate that you know to be a Veteran in the "Comments" text box.
11/18/17 Added pages to honor our classmate veterans and are currently gathering info to populate the pages. If you are a veteran or know of a classmate who is a veteran whether deceased or not, please let us know.
01/14/17 Completed 1995 - 35 yr Reunion. The original pictures were of different format and took a great deal to prepare. Added feature to click on reunion photo to see the associated graduation photo.
07/17/16 Added Glen Jolley to Recognitions page.
07/17/16 Recovered most reunions. Will have to recreate a few. Cleaned out obsolete files.
07/14/16 Problem... Reunions disappeared... attempting to recover, may have to completely recreate. Hope nothing else disappeared.
05/15/16 Still working on 1995 - 35 yr Reunion. Took time gathering data and preparing photos.
02/20/16 Completed 2000 - 40 yr photo sections.
02/17/16 Completed 1980 - 20 yr and 1985 - 25 yr Reunion Photo Sections. The photo pages were taken from the photo books which limited the quality. Apologies for some mispelled or incorrect names that were due to copy from the photo books.
02/15/16 Completed 1990 - 30 yr Reunion Photo Section. From this point on, photos are not digital and were scanned from prints requiring need to crop/trim and resize then reformat each photo to .gif which is very time consuming.
02/12/16 Completed 2005 - 45 yr Reunion Photo Section. Added feature to click on photo to see classmates Graduation Photo Teachers Photos from the 60's. Formatted pages for the Cruises.
(Any photos or documentation describing the cruises would be greatly appreciated as I have none)
02/11/16 Completed 2015 - 55 yr Reunion Photo Section. Added feature to click on photo to see classmates Graduation Photo. Next will begin reconstruction of the 2005 - 45 year reunion.
02/04/16 Still working on 2015 - 55 yr Reunion Photo Section (Format for all reunions needs reconstruction)
Will begin entering all reunions after 2015 is completed.
11/15/15 2010 - 50 yr Reunion - Section "F" Photoshoot Portraits - completed feature to click on Reunion Photo to view Graduation Photo if available.  (click Browser "back" button to return to Photo Page)
10/03/15 Completed the 2010 - 50 yr Reunion with exception to Section D
Section D is related with the Cruise and will be completed later with the "Cruises" section
10/01/15 Began page structure for all the class reunions. The pages are tagged "being reconstructed". Will be recontructing the 2010 - 50 yr Reunion first. Check back here to see progress.
09/30/15 Added "Cruises" (Cruise History overview page - details will be added later if receive info from "Cruisers"
09/04/15 Added "Regenaires" section to hear original recorded music of our own "Regenaire" dance band.
(hopefully will soon be able to allow download of these songs)
06/24/15 Added "Class History" section to display the origin of Reseda High School and brief overview of Reunions and Cruises.
06/17/15 Added "Give Forward" section to display fundraisers for classmates and loved ones in need.
06/12/15 Added "Classic Cars" section to display classic car photos owned by classmates or their family.
04/19/15 Added "Recognitions" featuring S'60 Glenn Jolley - author of ALMOST THERE: Stories and Musings along the Pacific Crest Trail.
03/18/15 2015 Reunion Letter and Reservation Form
Added link to Home Page and associated pages for viewing and printing.
03/06/15 Added "Recognitions" with first entry featuring W'60 Hal Bedsole.
03/06/15 Modified Navigation Bars. Removed Special Events, Activities & News - Any new Special Events or Activities will be headlined. Any "News" will now be entered into this "Site Status" page. Added subjects of Classic Cars & Corrections (but not yet active - will be working on these). Navigation Bar entries in Bold are active. Other Navigation Bar entries are still in process of reconstruction.
03/05/15 All Faculty Photograph pages completed
12/01/14 Life has been extremely busy for me lately, but now that I have completed the "Update My Info" form page, I will begin reconstructing the other segments of the site a few hours each day. There is a lot yet to do and some of it is very tedious and time consuming. As I complete a segment, I will activate the link on the navigation bar and set it to BOLD to distinguish which links are active.
11/30/14 Finally! Completed the complex code for "Update My Info" and worked out the bugs and added security along with Captcha to hopefully ward off malicious input. It will be very helpful if you utilize this form so that we may have updated and correct contact information for you. This info will not be stored on the server and will be kept confidential other than your email address but then ONLY if you authorize us to display the email address to be accessed from the Class List. If your email address is currently accessible and you wish to have it removed, please fill in at least the top part of the "Update My Info" form to let us know that you want it removed. The same goes if it is not currently accessible and you want it to be, then fill in the form to let us know. For security, the info you give us will not be stored on the server. When you submit the form, the info will be sent to us for secure storage off line.
08/02/14 Previously we had to disable the "Update My Info" form due to malicious activity entries by automated spammers, crawlers and bots. After research and testing, I have found a "Captcha" that should filter most of undesirables. Most of us detest Captchas that are hard to read. I have worked diligently to create a Captcha that will be relatively easy to read. It has two icon choices; one that can refresh to a different Captcha should one be difficult to read and the other for sound speech that spells it out after about a 10 second delay. After submitting your contact info into the form, it will send the data by email allowing us to update your contact info so that we may keep in touch. We value your security and the info you submit will NOT stay on the server. Immediately upon exit from the page that informs you that your data was sent, it no longer exists on the server. I am currently working on the form but it is complex and will take some time.
07/08/14 Working on feasibility for input form for "Update My Info" utilizing image recognition security (captcha).
07/01/14 Moved entire website to new webhosting server with greater security and more advanced options.
06/17/14 Completed S'61 Graduation Photos. All Graduation photos entered. Periodically as we might get them, will enter alternate photos for the camera shy. NOW I'm taking 2 week vacation in Bullhead City on the river. Return July 1.
06/13/14 Posted 2015 Cruise Information and completed S'60 Graduation Photos. Began W'61 Graduation Photos.
06/10/14 Working on upcoming Reunion and Cruise Information and continue with S'60 Graduation Photos.
06/01/14 Completed W'60 Graduation Photos. Began S'60 Graduation Photos.
05/31/14 Completed S'59 Graduation Photos. Will begin W'60 Graduation Photos.
05/22/14 Working on S'59 Graduation Photos which will be 21 pages. Summer classes quite larger than Winter.
05/21/14 Preparation of Graduation Photos now completed. In process of creating presentation pages. Will begin with W'59 through S'61. Pages will be Alphabetical by Grad/Maiden name. W'59 Completed.
04/26/14 Continue preparation of Graduation Photos. Also correcting a problem that was distorting the Memoriam Photos causing many to appear elongated. You may need to clear your cache and/or refresh to view proper display. See bottom of "Privacy" page for instructions to clear cache and/or cookies.
04/15/14 Preparing Graduation Photos to replace the small photos that were used as a full page scan from the Talisman Year Books. Process is to scan each individual photo separately, then edit by cropping, resizing, converting to gif file and naming appropriately then putting into correct folder and associating the file with the correct entry in database. I described process so users can understand why it will take so long to complete the process for probably more than 2000 photos. I'll be on this for a while folks!
04/10/14 Added "Privacy Statement" page which includes hyperlink to site with instructions how to clear your browser's cache and cookies with examples for most common used browsers.
04/09/14 Completed the Memoriam pages for the "Dedication Wall" and each of the Class Memorial pages.
04/06/14 Begin working on the Memoriam pages. This also is quite complex - code pages need to interact with database and coincide with photos to be displayed.
04/05/14 For those classmates who wish to participate with financial contributions to keep our website active, growing and updated, contribution pages have been added with instructions how to contribute, either by check, secured Credit Card processing through PayPal (account not required) or through a PayPal account.
04/02/14 Completed Class List pages and Class List Index page which allows quicker selection to find individual classmate by selecting Name Range to directly access page desired rather than scrolling through pages until find page desired. (4,334 lines of code... whew! I hope I had no errors... seems to be working.) Will now proceed with pages requiring least amount of work first, saving most complex pages till last so that can get majority of site pages up and running as soon as possible.
03/30/14 Working on Class List pages. Very complex involving multiple pages with database access. Estimate manually hard writing about 3,000 to 5,000 lines of code just for class lists to access database, sort and display alphabetically. Requires much testing. Putting in at least 8 hrs each day, sometimes 12-15 hrs.
03/29/14 Navigation on left sidebar was creating display problems for users with older computers/monitors. Repositioned vertical sidebar navigation to horizontal navigation bar just below top navigation bar. This modification also allows a more complete and cleaner centralized screen content with better utilization of screen area.
03/28/14 Re-located footer navigation to top of page for easier access. Continuing design testing and work with object / text placements for relative consistency with different browsers / screen display sizes.
03/27/14 Re-designing site page appearance. Working with object / text placements to be relatively consistent with different browsers / screen display sizes.
03/25/14 Developing Style Sheets to accomodate different monitors and browsers.
03/24/14 Prepared this "Site Stautus" page. Began planning, designing & testing style sheets for entire site. This is a period that may appear no progress but actually is a very comlex and time consuming stage.
03/22/14 Prepared temporary basic layout with hyperlinks of which most are not yet active. Hyperlinks in bold are active and allow you to easily determine which are active.
03/21/14 Prepared temporary home page to inform users of problem with our website.

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