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Martin Grossman W'61

  Our classmate Martin "Marty" Robert Grossman is the author of three best-selling children's books, Oscar the Otter, The Pigs of Lake Hood, and in 2016, Totems of Seldovia. More recently he is the author of "Club Saigon" & "War Crimes". His books have received stirring reviews in the local media in his hometown of Anchorage, and throughout Alaska. He has been a featured writer at the Alaska Writers Conference and has been an author in residence at many lodges and libraries, statewide. Martin was also featured in a 2018 edition of "The Rock". He has written articles and served as a war correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. During the Vietnam War he served with the Elite 5th Special Forces (Green Berets) Group of the United States Army.
♠ The meat of this gritty crime novel has more turns than a Missouri country road - it will keep you on the edge of your seat - always wanting more. An enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next one.
Jerry England - Chatsworth, CA - US Army 1962-1964, 7th SF

♠ War Crimes is both a suspenseful crime novel and a powerful, informative account of the lasting effects of the Vietnam war on the soldiers that fought in it. Grossman weaves a story that embraces both the Special Forces soldiers and the refugee Vietnamese that came back to the United States. It is a great follow-on to his previous book, "Club Saigon". The characters were so vivid and the plot so intricate, I couldn't put it down. A great read - highly recommended.
Niles Nordquist - Star, Idaho
U.S. Army 1966-1968, Honor Guard in the burial of 24 men who came home to their loved ones in caskets

♠ Story moves very quickly, and keeps the reader wondering what's next. Character development is very strong but not in a way that bogs down the narrative.
Randle M Biddle - WINDSHIP Studios - Star, ID

♠ Just finished War Crimes. It is as good or even better than Club Saigon. Easy and smooth to read. Hard to put down. Had a great twist. Lots of good insider information. ANOTHER GREAT BOOK.
Jim Clendenin - Umpqua, OR - U.S. Army 5th Special Forces
  Club Saigon - By: Martin Robert Grossman
It all started in 1969 when Staff Sergeant Jerry Andrews of Special Forces
A-Detachment 255 brought six of his team members back to Pleiku in body bags - It was the longest chopper ride of his life. Twenty-two years later, Jerry is a middle-aged police detective that has been assigned to a mysterious string of brutal serial killings in the "Little Saigon" section of Los Angeles. The similarities of the killings bring back ghastly memories of Jerry's three tours in the jungles...
  War Crimes - By: Martin Robert Grossman
From the pen of Martin Robert Grossman, WAR CRIMES is the second book in the Jerry Andrews Crime Series. It is, what the author calls, a meat and cheese, burrito book - fiction wrapped in a factual tortilla. War Crimes is the story about one Vietnamese family and follows the travails, hardships, prejudice, and horror they faced once they reached the shores of their new home - The United States.

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Note: Michael Prince was Martin's previous Pen Name

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